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Directional Drilling / Boring, Trenching Contractor

Working State-Wide in Michigan         

Area located  Bay City - Saginaw - Midland         Quality Service Since 1979

Why Open Cut or trench when you can have it bored trench-less

We have bored across parking lots, under streets, across yards, through neighbor hoods, under ponds - Ditches etc, Under houses and of course long Distances.  So your in the right hands with Super Construction.

Need a new utility installed into a hard to reach area? Some ideas are.

  • Into buildings under the foundation, or through the wall
  • Into catch Basins, or other hard or expensive areas to excavate.

Drilling Services::

  • Fiber Lines
  • Water-lines
  • Sewers on Grade
  • Sump Pump Lines
  • Electric lines
  • Utility Lines
  • Or any other line you desire!

Residential, Business & Government Projects
We can accomplish just about any task from local residential jobs to large-scale government projects.

Boring / Drilling Info:

Clean trench-less solution for underground installations without disturbing the above surface.

*Saves on concrete or asphalt replacement vs trenching methods

* Savings in excavations and shoring costs.
* Savings in reinstatement costs and eliminating the effort to blend with surroundings.
* Removes possibility of trenching-related accidents.
* Less delays due to unfavorable weather conditions no more pumping water out of trenches and pits!
* No more need to apply for road opening permits for public road works.
* Faster and neater, usually requiring less than half the time needed by conventional trenching method.
* Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruptions, like Lawns, Wooded areas, golf courses, Parking Lots, Streets / Roads, Drive Ways, Airport Runways, busy traffic junctions, difficult site conditions, etc.
* Cost effective. Prices do not vary much from conventional trenching methods. In fact, in some situations, our price may even be lower.



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Drilling Vermeer 40x55 Directional Drill

Cable Plowing In the Michigan U.P.

Super Construction Plowing Fiber

Ionia Prison 4,000' 6" HDPE Pipe

Ionia Directional Drilling

700 feet water-main ready to be pulled under the Rocky Cass river for the City of Frankenmuth, depth at times reaching well over 35'feet.

Assisting in installation of Cathodic Protection for Oil Pipe Lines