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Super Construction is an unquestioned leader in the areas of Directional Drilling, Fiber Projects,  Sewer systems, and water lines repair and installation


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Directional Drilling & Excavation Contractor

Michigan:  Bay City - Saginaw - Midland - Quality Service Since 1979

Licensed & Insured
Super Construction has been  Excavating & Contracting In Michigan, producing excellent service and  quality for 35 years.  We offer quality Directional Boring / Drilling,through out Michigan, and surrounding states. Our Drilling crews travel and we have successfully completed Directional Drilling projects all over the Mid West.

We have been Directional Boring for over 20 years.

Core Services:

  • Directional Boring / Drilling
  • Water - Sewer Contractor
  • Fiber - Utility Installer
  • Cable Trenching, Plowing
  • Excavation Contractor
  • Hydro Excavation Services
  • Utility Locating

Whether you're a residential, Commercial,  customer or a large-scale government project, we're available to serve all your above and underground contracting needs

Services Include::

  • Directional Drilling of Utilities Underground.
  • Fiber Optic Builds, OSP, FTTH
  • Water and sewer installation and repair for residential, cities and businesses.
  • Emergency and maintenance repair of underground utilities.
  • Excavating
  • Water Lines, Mains
  • Sump Pump Lines
  • Directional Drilling of most pipes and sizes for most applications.
  • Storm, Sanitary Sewers
  • Manhole Work, Hand Hole setting
  • Site Preparation

Trust the Professionals

Super Construction has installed and repaired well over 10 thousand sewer and water lines.

In 2016 we directional drilled and installed over 250,000 feet of fiber conduit and pipe.

Whether through solid rock or through the marshy coastal areas, Super Construction has the capabilities and construction experience to get it done quickly, correctly safely and within budget.


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Directional Drilling 40X55 Drill

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Bay City State Park Water-main 4,000'

Water-Main Drilling Bay City, MI

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